Beyond Graphics

I believe that every brand needs a clear, purposeful toolkit to represent themselves. This requires patience, persistence, and creativity- all of which I strive to provide for my clients. For several of the projects below, you’ll see attention to detail in creating logos, graphics, guidelines, photographs and more. All of these have helped brands effectively represent themselves.

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WUI Productions

Local film studio WUI Productions, LLC, asked me to build an entirely new brand identity to show a visual sense of their mission and help attract clients. WUI, or Wildland-Urban Interface, describes the ongoing natural resources issues facing developed land along previously natural landscapes, leading to challenges with wildlife, wildfires, resource access, and more. WUI Productions wanted a logo to represent these priorities as feature focus points in their documentary films, showcased by landscapes and nature elements, including mountains, rivers, and/or trees.

Over several months of conversations and drafts, I developed a logo mark that is versatile, unique, and comprehensive for their film topics and brand identity.

Center for Science Communication

The Center for Science Communication at Colorado State University is an emerging hub for research and community around developing effective science communication practices, comprised of faculty and graduate students in the department of Journalism and Media Communication. As projects began to take off, the CSC needed a brand. I created this icon to serve as their primary mark by spending several months creating ideas and working with the faculty group to manifest their vision. We settled on a beaker shape to represent science, mountains and rivers as a nod to the northern Colorado landscape, and the sun with radio waves as a communication element.

I adhered to University and College guidelines, including the font, color proportions, and CSU wordmark, then created a brand guideline for the Center to help others adhere to these same guidelines.

Over the course of several months, I created a variety of potential logos in the process of creating the ideal representation of the Center.

Warner College of Natural Resources

As a Communications Specialist for Warner College, I created graphics, logos, layouts, social media content, and photographs. All of these took pride in being authentically representative of the College brand, even moving beyond the initial expectations to capture what the College meant to others.

Personal Brand

In 2022, I needed a personal identity, so I created the wheat mark to signify my connection to earth, and of course, my namesake. This allows me to move forward as a creative and communications specialist.

The By Nature brand is my personal take on creating an identify for my creative journey, providing a space for conversation (through the podcast) but also an open-ended opportunity for new discourses moving forward. Initially the two would be the same, and both represent me. The main logo serves as a consistent upper identity while the By Nature identity is more fluid, dynamic and subservient. The wheat motif is present in both identities, creating partnership, but both are different in their own ways.

Below, you’ll see final designs along with iterations in creating both designs.

Black Point Coffee Roasters

As Black Point Coffee sought to enter the southern Maine roasting market, they needed a brand. I created this lighthouse logo to signify the connection to the Maine coast, creating a familiar association for the local audience. The lighthouse mark works alone as a profile picture or brand element, but pairs well with the text to create a cohesive representation of the brand.

Homeward Allies Health Ambassadors

Homeward Alliance is a local nonprofit helping people experiencing homelessness. I helped to create a marketing proposal for a health ambassador volunteer role for the organization. These graphics are my take on the potential brand identity for the role.