Southwest – January 2019

2019 started in a very similar way to 2018- camping and hiking with friends in the desert of Utah. At this point, I’d like to keep the trend going. Anna, Ben, Morgan and I filled up a cozy Subaru Crosstrek and drove to Valley of the Gods, in Utah, where we would set up basecamp for several nights. We made day trips to Goosenecks State Park, Monument Valley (AZ), Shiprock (NM) and Bisti Badlands/De-Na-Zin Wilderness (NM). While I wanted to capture some iconic landscapes, I focused more on the concept of storytelling with this trip. As I am developing my personal style, I find that I enjoy capturing real moments and challenging myself to convey that in my own way. I also find that these trips to new places are where I can recharge and really be present in the world, which can be hard to find time to do. I look forward to exploring more of the Southwest, as I slowly broaden my horizons.

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