Summer 2018


Excerpt, 7/23/2018:

My heart sank as we drove away from the Teton range. It was only 5 PM and I’d been dying to see sunset on these mountains, but had never gotten the chance. As I resigned myself to planning a purely photographic trip to the Park again, we entered national Forest land- the holy grail of the nomad. We drove over hill and through valley; one could hardly call it “forest” land with the few stands of trees present. I knew the Teton range would not be visible, but if it meant a night sleeping under the stars i could bear it. They say patience is a virtue, because as we climbed one last hill, deciding to camp wherever we saw next, we found the most amazing thing. We got out of the car, looking for any patch of grass to roll out our bags on. A small trail seemed hopeful, and we followed it to a small clearing. From this clearing the range could be seen, although obscured by trees. My curiosity always having the best of me, i decided to round one more corner. Unfolded before me was a vast view of the valley. Sitting neatly behind, as beautiful and stoic as ever, was the Grand Teton itself with its brethren. A full, tremendous view, accompanied by a patch of dirt under an old tree. I melted. What fortune. I’ll likely never find a site like this again. I expect to count my lucky stars tonight- literally.

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