Sea to Sky

I started in Colorado, and flew to Boston. The ocean was just out of reach until I drove to Gloucester, the iconic town on the water. It was almost spiritual to be there again, and I struggled to take in the enormity of the sea. I find it incredibly interesting that such a mundane and natural thing can become so important when it is taken away from everyday life, as it is in mine. From there, I traveled into the mountains and hiked a mountain to see what I could see. As I hiked, the fog rolled in and by the halfway point I was immersed in a massive cloud. I couldn’t see more than 30 feet around me at the summit. While I wanted to have a panoramic view of the great mountains of Maine, I forced myself to appreciate the fog and approach the situation differently, and I actually managed to get photos that I was happy with. This showed me that not only should I appreciate when expectations aren’t met, but the unexpected can also be pretty fun.

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