Costa Rica

IMG_3844 IMG_3876 IMG_3893 IMG_3911 (2) IMG_3915 (2) IMG_3918 (3) IMG_3978 (2) IMG_3982 (2) IMG_3989 (2) IMG_3992 (2) IMG_4001 (2) IMG_4287 (2) IMG_4296 (2) IMG_4297 (2) IMG_4321 (2) IMG_4330 (2) IMG_4334 (2) IMG_4339 (2) IMG_4356 (2) IMG_4361 (3) IMG_4376 (2)

Despite my camera dying on the first day, I still managed to capture the essence of an exciting trip through my small digital camera (Canon A2200). It may be old but it still does a pretty good job, and the battery lasted for 10 days. This goes to show me that it’s not the camera that does all the work- it takes practice to line up a shot just right. These pictures cannot begin to do justice to the beauty of the country, and kindness of the people of Costa Rica.

One Comment on “Costa Rica

  1. Great pictures. I remember some of the places you saw. love, grandpa

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