Costa Rica

IMG_3844 IMG_3876 IMG_3893 IMG_3911 (2) IMG_3915 (2) IMG_3918 (3) IMG_3978 (2) IMG_3982 (2) IMG_3989 (2) IMG_3992 (2) IMG_4001 (2) IMG_4287 (2) IMG_4296 (2) IMG_4297 (2) IMG_4321 (2) IMG_4330 (2) IMG_4334 (2) IMG_4339 (2) IMG_4356 (2) IMG_4361 (3) IMG_4376 (2)

Despite my camera dying on the first day, I still managed to capture the essence of an exciting trip through my small digital camera (Canon A2200). It may be old but it still does a pretty good job, and the battery lasted for 10 days. This goes to show me that it’s not the camera that does all the work- it takes practice to line up a shot just right. These pictures cannot begin to do justice to the beauty of the country, and kindness of the people of Costa Rica.

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