Inside the bag

DSC_0292 DSC_0419 DSC_0486 DSC_0510 DSC_0531 DSC_0568 (2) DSC_0600 (2) DSC_0604 (2) DSC_0612 (2)

This project involved large plastic bags, lights and colored plastic sheets. I used different colors to create a different feeling for each picture. The inspiration can be found here:

Challenges, problems, solutions:

In this project, I faced many challenges as I attempted to emulate the original artist. One of these challenges was finding the right color gels for the lights. I started with only red and orange colors, which did not create the desired effect. My original idea was to create an icy cave landscape within the plastic bag. This would require blue and light colors, which I did not have until later. Another problem that I faced was getting the bag to stay in the shape that I wanted. I started out using a tripod for the camera, which allowed me to hold the bag with one hand. However, the tripod was too restrictive, and I found it easier to get different angles with the camera in my hands. Therefore, I could not hold the bag while I took the picture. Finally, the most challenging part was taking a picture that did not look like a plastic bag. The reflection of light made the bag shiny, the shadows did not look realistic and the “landscape” was not interesting enough. It needed more edges, angles and corners to look more like a cave. In the end, I believe I captured at least one image that did not look like a bag. Even though I took over 100 pictures, I ended up with at least one image that captured my goals.

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